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About me

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Colombian by birth and world citizen. In 2011, I began my journey and ended up in a completely unknown country. ‘What awaited me in German lands?’ It was the inquiry that I kept asked myself repeatedly, fortunately I got all the answers shortly after. The truth is that a very different culture awaited me, indeed an extremely enriching culture, and since the beginning, I had no doubts that Germany was a country full of opportunities waiting for me. In this beautiful country, I got health and social security, among many other things. It was just a matter of time, I just needed to unpack my dreams and combine them with this new reality I was living. Honestly, it was not an easy road; but nobody told me it was easy. Many times, I felt lost and confused, but all the new things helped me to learn a lot about bureaucratic issues. Germany is an organized country, indeed its people love things well done, even if the processes takes time. I specialized in all these processes, more specifically I work as an intercultural and integration advisor.

Our Team

Patricia Villalba

Founder & CEO

Migration and Integration Consultant

Felix Lau Marquez

Project Manager

Engineer in Energy and Building Technology

Today I am here to join you on that path, it is not an easy travel, but together the burdens are lightened. Let me join you in all integration issues, from social, to economic and cultural matters, if you cannot write a letter to the German state, I will do it for you; if you have to make calls or attend appointments where you need someone, I will go with you; if you need to fill out forms, we will do it together; if you need to request some kind of help from the state, we will go together and so on.

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