What we do

What we do

What we do

  • We will help you to find the best German school for you. Do not worry we will assist you with the registration processes. Let us be the bridge between you and your school.
  • We will advise you in every step and review the documents for your procedures in the German embassy of your country; either you need to apply for a visa or any other similar need.
  • We will advise you in the college enrollment processes for undergraduate, graduate, or master’s degree programs.
  • We will help you to find a good place to stay (housing).
  • We will be there for you for bureaucratic procedures and/or visit any government office.
  • We offer official translations by state-recognized translators.
  • We can help you to find a good International health insurance.

Welcome pack includes:

  • Trips advices, depending on the time of year
  • Pick up at the airport
  • Free Tour (in Spanish) of Berlin’s Sights
  • A list of Spanish-speaking doctors
  • Tourism tips for traveling Europe at low cost
  • International Sim Card
  • Berlin guide in Spanish, which includes information about: Public transport, supermarkets, shopping centers, entertainment venues and much more

We can also advise you to obtain a Family and Labor Reunification Visa, among others.

We will give you the forms you need to apply for a visa

Contact us if you require more information

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